Sunday, March 18, 2007

Crackers Upset!

This story has nothing to do with Connecticut (well I could tie it to Torrington's own John Brown I suppose, but it would be a stretch). Never-the-less, ACR finds few things more delicious than a story about crackers.

A Confederate flag hanging from a noose on a 13-foot gallows will remain on display despite protests from the Sons of Confederate Veterans, who call it an affront to Southern heritage.

"The Proper Way to Hang a Confederate Flag" by black artist John Sims is "offensive, objectionable and tasteless," Robert Hurst, commander of the local camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, said Friday.

Read whole story here. Or Here

Sooner or later they're going to figure out that they lost that war and their flag is nothing other than an embarrassing reminder of that, and the horrible treatment they subjected others to.


  1. Anyone who has a problem with this artwork is a racist. Period. I'm fed up with the rednecks going on about how this is a "symbol of their heritage". If they want to show their "heritage", they should be public about it and show everything about the "Great South", including this:

  2. ctlibertarian:

    Wrong!! The CIVIL WAR was not about SLAVERY -- it was more about STATE'S RIGHTS!! Yes, blacks were being mistreated, but did you know that there were blacks fighting for the south? Yes.
    The southern states wanted washington to be 'hands off', that they wanted to do things differently then how Washington wanted it done.
    Did the south lose? Maybe they did, but look at the FASTEST GROWING STATES!! I think they won the war (- for STATE'S RIGHTS)

  3. Sure enough - the cracker claiming to be a "CT Yankee" sounds upset and then trys to re-write history to boot!


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