Tuesday, April 17, 2007

100 Days of Broken Promises

This in from Connecticut Republican Party Chairman, Chris Healy

100 days ago, the Democrats took control of the House and Senate promising real change in Washington and real results for the American people.

100 days later, we're still waiting.

They promised legislation, not investigation -- But they're so intent on going after Republicans that they're spending hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars on outside investigators to make sure no score goes unsettled.

They promised that Congress would be in Washington working every week from Monday until Friday, just like the American people do -- But three months later, the five-day work week has fallen completely by the wayside.

They promised real results for the American people -- But 100 days later, the Democrat leadership has not managed to send a single one of Nancy Pelosi's self-identified 'legislative priorities' to the President's desk.

They promised to be as strong as Republicans in the War on Terror -- But three months after they came to power, they decided the war didn't even exist, instructing their staff members never to use the phrase "Global War on Terror."

They promised an end to pork-barrel projects -- But three months later, they tacked $21 billion in earmarks - including spinach subsidies, support for peanut farmers, and $16 million for additional office space for the House of Representatives - onto a bill that was supposed to provide emergency funding for our men and women in uniform in Iraq and Afghanistan .

Unfortunately, there are some promises the Democrats did keep.

They ran for office promising to force a retreat from Iraq , and that is precisely what they are attempting to do.

Their version of the emergency war spending bill includes a provision that would force U.S. troops to begin retreating from Iraq regardless of the situation on the ground.

The President promised to veto any bill that would force a retreat before Iraq is stable, but he never even got the chance, because the House and Senate fled Washington for their Spring Break without passing a final bill.

Our generals on the ground have made it clear that time and money are running out - as of April 15, the Pentagon will have to begin cutting back on equipment repair and training if the Democrats don't do their duty.

Our troops deserve and need that support, and soon.

They promised to raise your taxes, and they're doing exactly that.

As we approach Tax Day, the Democrats are pushing through budget plans to raise taxes by $400 billion - the largest tax increase in our nation's history.

According to the U.S. Treasury Department, the Democrat plan would raise taxes by:

- More than $2,700 per year on 48 million married couples.

- More than $2,000 per year on 17 million seniors.

- Almost $2,000 per year on 84 million women.

Who needs that money more - the government, or the hard-working people who earned it?

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