Thursday, July 19, 2007

Update on Staff Sargent Mike Salter

Once in a while enough people see something that is just so stupid, so wrong, that it drives them to action.

Those are the cases when good triumphs over evil.

Thanks (and a tip of the hat!) to all of you who took an interest, especially those of you that took some action regardless of whether it was a phone call, an email, whatever.

Special thanks to Fox News.

Some of the email ACR received this morning is reproduced below:

FOXNews Channel
"Weekend Live"
Washington, DC bureau

From: Michael Parker (District Attorney)
Sent: Thursday, July 19, 2007 1:14 AM
To: (Fox News, Mike Salter and members of the court staff)
Subject: RE: Anson County ticket

I spoke to Mr. Salter and (the) Judge this evening.
(The) Judge has agreed to strike Mr. Salter's FTA and the $50 fee and
re-calendar his case.

I have forwarded this e-mail to her, however, would you please call
(court staffer) in the Richmond Co. Judge's office and make sure that
she has this information to remind (the) Judge to strike the FTA.

ACR salutes both Fox News and
District Attorney Mike Parker;
of course a hearty welcome home!
and special thanks to Mike Salter
for his service for our nation.


  1. He is welcome.
    I hope it works out OK for him.
    Let me know if there is a

    Michael D. Parker
    District Attorney
    Prosecutorial District 20A

  2. PLEASE GO VOTE for Mike Huckabee in the FreedomWorks online straw poll, now through Thursday, August 2nd.

    Also, please pass this along to other Huckabee supporters in ANY way you can!!! He CAN win this!


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