Sunday, October 21, 2007

Dodd can't get any respect

Chris Dodd, the Rodney Dangerfield of the Democratic Party

Chris Dodd; never one to harbor a grudge, especially against terrorists, is seeking to charge the nations phone companies with heavens only knows what as a penalty for helping us fight the war on terrorism.

Imagine - American companies seeking to keep the nation safe. The very nerve of them says Dodd who is trying to place a hold on the FISA legislation that includes amnesty for telecommunications companies.

So who's stopping him?
Fellow Democrat Harry Reid who isn't about the let Dodd make the Dems look like they're as soft on terrorism as they really are.

Poor Chris can't get any respect.

Read all about it at this leftist site if you're inclined:

The take on the same subject from the American Communist Party is (surprise!) quite parallel with that of Senator Dodds. (If you're stopping by at this blog you probably already knew that.)

Thanks and a tip of hat to the site:Connecticut Local Politics

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