Wednesday, October 03, 2007

What's with Litchfield?

Litchfield Historic Commission uneasy about proposed synagogue.
This old Yankee borough may soon get its first synagogue, but only after facing the gauntlet of historical correctness. Trouble already is brewing.

Commission Chairman Wendy Kuhne

"...the Star of David may not comply with the District..."

Waterbury Republican-American article here.


  1. She's hot! Is she married? Miss Kuhne should check out Damn, she's hot!!!!!!

  2. That is completely tasteless! How dare you use a Nazi image in reference to a well respected public official who also happens to be Jewish?

    I hope that this was just an offensive joke in VERY POOR TASTE and not the antisemitic rant it looks like...

  3. >>well respected public official

    I would hope that's no longer the case.

    >>who also happens to be Jewish?

    Yes and the word other Jews use for people such as her is "collaborator"

  4. This is not Freedon of Speech, this is the poorest of
    bad taste and an insult to a fine public servant!
    Would that others would care as much for their communities! Shame on whom ever - individual - or group - put this together. Makes one wonder about "the other side" of the debate!

  5. >>Shame on whom ever - individual - or group ...

    Placed such a horrid person into any sort of public position; Wendy Kuhne is an embarrassment to every right thinking American regardless of political stripe.

  6. Litchfield County Times Story on Brickload Explosion

    Image on Blog Site
    Is Fueling a Controversy in Litchfield

    "It is the doing of a contorted mind."
    -- Hysterical District Commission Chairman Wendy Kuhne

  7. Amazing - a gag photo from someplace on the `net "offends" Litchfield; but the actions of their own Historical Commission fail to raise any ruckus at all!


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