Friday, February 08, 2008

Malaysian Flat Screen TV Subsidy Approved!

Claiming an overwhelming desire to prop up the economy, Democrats approved a plan that will surely help nations all along the Pacific Rim!

Sam's Club will be having a sale on big screen TV's timed to coincide with the arrival of the checks - bet on it.

All Americans deserve a new imported TV!

From wire reports:
Congress gave overwhelming final approval last night to legislation that would send government payments to most American households and grant tax incentives for business investment, sending President Bush a $152 billion stimulus plan for the faltering U.S. economy.

The legislation would provide $600 payments for individuals -- $1,200 for couples -- plus $300 for each child younger than 17.

What they could have done, which would have helped the economy in the United States instead would require a list:

Lower taxes
Vouchers for automobiles based on the North American content of the vehicle. (Cars are 65% labor - ie: W2 income)
Lower taxes
Capitol equipment tax credits
Lower taxes

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