Saturday, February 02, 2008


Mitt Romney is a nice man who clearly would do a good if not great job as our President. He is however unexciting and while that has nothing to do with the job it has everything to do with winning it.

I like Huckabee - a lot. He's a quick wit, a pleasant honest man and we could do a lot worse; and in fact we often do.

Most of all I want a Republican in the White House because I care about our national security and there's a lot of crazy people running around loose on this planet that would blow this country off the face of the earth given half a chance.

John McCain gets it.
None of us will ever be in total agreement right down the line on every imaginable issue with anyone, much-less a presidential candidate.
Thus a little pragmatism might be in order.

1. Is the candidate an honorable person in their daily dealings with others regardless of the setting?

Using that criteria alone most of us would agree that all of the Republicans and even some of the Democrats (some no longer in the race) would be acceptable.

2. Does the candidate stand anywhere near where we do ideologically?

For me, that knocks out any of the Democrats left standing at this point.

3. Can the candidate attract enough independent voters and swing voters from the other party to win?

John McCain is that man.


  1. Gee - I am so surprised you'd support McCain after his rabid support of anti-smoking legislation.

    From 1998:
    "As the chief sponsor of mammoth anti-smoking legislation, McCain has been waging a war with the nation's tobacco titans.

    The measure has made the former two-pack-a-day smoker the darling of the public-health community and ally of the Clinton administration, which wants to take a more aggressive role in cracking down on teen-age smoking.

  2. >>Gee - I am so surprised you'd support McCain after his rabid support of anti-smoking legislation

    You're surprised?
    I'm shocked!
    I was well aware of McCain's attacks against my industry and recall when he was doing that - he's considered the "father of the MSA".

    However - compared to the two Dem's left standing and realizing the GOP isn't winning a lot of popularity contests lately; suddenly even McCain starts looking good!

    Go figure.

  3. I am no McCain fan. But we have to rally behind him unless we want to see an Obama or Hillary presidency.

    I have to go be sick now that I've said that ;-)

  4. >>I am no McCain fan.

    Nor am I - he has after all gored my ox quite directly and has been in bed (so to speak) with Waxman no-less, as it regards tobacco.

    That said - Obama will get us into a Holocaust and Hillary just isn't acceptable at all.


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