Saturday, March 29, 2008

Time to look twice at American vehicles

The most unlikely best car ever.

Most of us have long understood that should we treat an automobile as well as we would a good dog; the vehicle will go farther, last longer and do both with little trouble.

It's weird!
There is no correlation between what one spends on a vehicle, and what we get out of it.

ACR has gotten this rather homely minivan to 224,864 miles.

This inexpensive Ford has been every bit as durable and reliable as a Hobart commercial dishwasher; which is undoubtedly the most reliable device ever designed by man.
(Ask anyone who worked in restaurants during high school or college.)

Like the Hobart - parts have been readily available on the occasion they've been required, fairly priced (or so cheap as to be a surprise) and service has been both straightforward and more than affordable.

After nearly a lifetime of playing with cars far more expensive, some even exotic; this 1998 Ford Windstar has actually been the best vehicle I've ever known.......and the biggest surprise.

The Windstar cost me under $5,000 inclusive of all maintenance (save for oil changes) and the initial price
(Yes! - it was a cheap set of wheels.)
I've never been a `Ford Man' - but I think that's changing.

It's time to take a second or even a third look at American cars.
More jobs stay here, and best of all, more money stays in your pocket.


  1. I'll never by a Ford... But the Hobart is incredible. Had one in my dorm, it's probably as old as you are! (haha)


  2. >>I'll never by a Ford...

    If only I had a dollar for every time I said the same thing.....I could pay cash for another Porsche 911.

    The 1st Hobart I met was built in 1939 and it looked at ran just like the one I occasionally operate at church which was built in 1965 and still looks new.

    *That's* the company we want to see build cars isn't it?

  3. This came to me via email:

    We appreciate your support.
    Sherri Wilmoth, PCM
    Marketing Manager,
    Healthcare and Consultant Services
    Hobart Foodservice

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