Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A well oiled machine.

Thumbs up!

Republican State Central
staff & management.

Seems that since Chris Healy took charge of the state committee; things in general seem to go right.

Certainly the most important of those "things" has to be *winning* and that we are. Russo in the 22nd makes 3 special elections in a row.

We enjoy a superb hard working, cooperative, and every bit as friendly as a pack of Dale Carnegie Course graduates staff. Further they as a group enjoy Mensa level IQ's coupled with a work ethic rarely seen with any regularity.

I'm not sure if Healy is putting something in the water cooler or what - but our staff works tirelessly.

Heath, our Executive Director, writes prolifically, and with eloquence.
Those that haven't included The Everyday Republican in their daily reading list should do so immediately. A permanent link can be found in the column to the right.

Lynn is well connected, can handle constituent issues with ease; and is a lot more than a lady with a nice voice. Further, she is as gracious and charming in person as she sounds on the phone.

Mike handles necessary details and keeps us out of all sorts of trouble; he does more heavy lifting than he's credited with.

We don't seem to be running out of fund raising events (God Bless you Liz!) nor are we annoying any of our donors. Liz is POLITE and is so to a fault. Any state central members that haven't watched this young woman work, should go to the trouble of paying her a little attention.
Like Heath, Liz is some sort of Whiz Kid

Gary get stuff "handled" - and more of it than anyone outside of headquarters realizes unless one goes to a little trouble to observe. (I have done so - and I'm more impressed than I can readily articulate.)

In short our State Central Headquarters is running like a well oiled machine; and is working more closely with both the Republicans at the Capitol and our town committees than at any time I can recall in over 30 years of involvement.

Certainly those named above will deny that, due to the massive amount of work they produce daily it surely must seem like absolute bedlam to them most of the time.

Our management & staff deserves our unqualified support and probably cash bonuses as well.

Brighter (and richer!) State Central members as well as rank & file Republicans, should help us figure out how to reward these people, and we would appreciate any help in doing exactly that.

I'm Doug Hageman from the 16th District, and I am an
Authentic Connecticut Republican

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  1. For what are sentimental reasons more than anything else, this just brought a smile to my face. I guess it's the memories of marching in Southington parades when I was 10 years old! LOL!


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