Thursday, July 17, 2008

A car Benedict Arnold would drive

We have a balance of trade problem here in the United States.

It causes a weak dollar, which in turn adds to the cost of oil.

We can't do much today, right this very minute about how much oil we import, and the stuff we get from China is mostly cheap plastic that wouldn't be made here even if it wasn't made in China.

Besides, China's markets are open to us; Japan's are not.

Yet many of us buy Japanese products despite the fact that they block their markets to our exporters.
We should stop buying Japanese products until they open their markets.

That would strengthen the dollar, which would in turn lower what we pay for oil.

Think about that before you let a Toyota driver in traffic; remember he or she has already made it clear what they think of you, their neighbors, and this country.


  1. It seems that every time I see a vehicle with a raving left wing bumper sticker, (or six), they are driving a Toyota or Honda. They complain that 'Bush is sending jobs overseas', then proceed to by a foreign car. Do these people even realize how blatantly hypocritical they are?

    And don't even get me started on the Prius. That car is the biggest joke on the road.

  2. Dude! Wicked graphic! Was that a WWII prop poster?

    FWIW, I've ALWAYS been a "Be American, Buy American" kind of guy. I've owned over 20 vehicles in my life, and not ONE was a foreign make (except the Suzuki 350 motorcycle I had for about six months when I was 18; which I sold after numerous close calls that made me reappraise the pleasure vs. risk ratio of a young punk on a bike).

    Currently, I own a Chevy Cavalier Wagon, my wife drives a Jeep Cherokee, and I use a Ford van for work.

    My next car will likely be a Hummer, which I expect I'll be able to buy brand new for about $400 in the coming year. It'll look great parked in my driveway, or while I'm pushing it down the stret!

  3. >>Dude! Wicked graphic!

    Google images "traitor"

    >>FWIW, I've ALWAYS been a "Be American, Buy American" kind of guy.

    I haven't and have had a slew of Eurocars; but they trade with us!
    (Right now the driveway is 100% domestic)

    What I can't understand is why those in the party that backs the unions drive around in Toyotas and Hondas.

    It's weird, and right now with Detroit on it's ass, (never mind that we make scads of OEM auto parts here in in CT) it's just plain WRONG.

  4. I think part of Detroit's mistake was to believe that oil would be a never-ending supply that, even though it would get progressively more and more expensive, it would do so slowly and predictably. Having it go up 35% in a year is panicking people, and killing SUV and domestic auto sales.

    Plus, foreign cars generally get better gas mileage than domestics. When they repealed the CAFE standards that were put in place after the last 1970's gas crisis, we lost thirty years of good ol' American research and development that could have probably given us cars that would be getting 50 mpg or better today.

    But the good news is that Exxon/Mobil is making record profits. I'm very happy for them.

  5. GM has more models that get over 30 mpg than Toyota.

    Exxon is a stock held by almost 80% of Americans, usually via their IRA's or other retirement plans.

  6. "Exxon is a stock held by almost 80% of Americans, usually via their IRA's or other retirement plans."

    So then, obviously, you're thrilled about the speculators raping the American people because you're making truckloads of money right now, right? You personally are much better off right now with gas and fuel oil over 35% more expensive than it was a year ago, right? This horrendous out of control situation is benefiting you and your family much more than hurting you, right?

    Are you following my drift here? Just because Exxon makes record profits doesn't mean that it will trickle down and offset the damage it does to individual Americans.

    Enron taught us that speculators will happily burn a billion dollars of other people's money if they can get a million in profit. I'm not doubtful that something ethically similar is going on here.

  7. >> you're thrilled about the speculators

    Hardly - they're not making run of the mill shareholders a dime either; quite the contrary they're costing everyone but themselves a bundle.

    I'm doing 700+ miles a week in 17mpg minivan Bob, this 4 buck plus gas business isn't doing me any world of good I can assure you.

  8. >>I'm not doubtful that something ethically similar is going on here

    Gosh do ya think?

    (Is it CT Bob or Captain Obvious?)

    Same mindset that would buy a Toyota; there's always people willing to sell out their neighbors for some reason of their own or perceived gain. (fear, greed, apathy)

    They'll shop at Home Depot instead of at the local hardware store and are then mystified when the money for the local Little league drys up.

    Short-sighted, self-centered "me-first" assholes.

    Judging from the number of Japanese cars sporting various Democratic bumper stickers; your party has more of these jerks than we do.
    (Good luck teaching those bleeding heart, hand wringing wimps the meaning of hypocrisy, you've got your work cut out!)

  9. Aren't a good deal of Toyota and Honda cars actually built here in the US though?

  10. >>Aren't a good deal of Toyota and Honda cars actually built here in the US though?

    Assembled of generally Japanese components.

    Besides - Japan doesn't trade with us, they trade "to" us.
    They systemically block both our goods and produce.

    That's neither an ally nor a trading partner.

  11. I am so glad that other people realize how disloyal to America people who drive 'Jap Scrap' appear. I guess bombing Pearl Harbor wasn't enough for some people.

    Re: the mileage is better on Jap cars - why do people think this??? I rent cars regularly for work, and because I hear so many conflicting stories about the mileage on the Prius, I rented one to go back forth to NYC (approx 420 miles - I make this trip all the time). I got 34.1 MPG with the Prius. I rented a Ford Focus and got 37.2 and a Chevy Cobalt and got 36.3 (The same exact trip and route - I took pictures of all three trip odometers to prove it)

    Wow - the overpriced Prius can't even get the same mileage that our American non-hybrid cars get - what does that say about their engineering?

    Plus the Prius was slower and more uncomfortable than the other cars (not to mention that the cupholder sucked).

  12. Toyota is the most overrated car company on the planet. Any company that employs slave labor in other countries, lies and cheats and covers up the way they do such as paying top dollar to disgruntled owners of the frame rusted Tundras and Tacomas to sweep the dirt under the carpet and style vehicles that resemble bloated dung on wheels will never make it into my driveway or anybody I know. Just because they used to make cars that lasted to 200K doesn't mean they still do. Research research research!!! Wake up America

  13. Why do so many right wingers like Pat Buchanan say ''buy American'' and then spend their money buying foreign cars?? These are the same ones who insist we must give billions in aid to Israel so that it can give free health care to its citizens while the poor are left without the same coverage at home. What foolishness!

  14. Pat Buchanan is a worthless piece of crap and always was.
    In 1996 I was proud to deliver Pat his lowest percentage here of any of CT's 169 towns in the GOP primary that year.
    He's scum.

  15. Buchanan is opposed to aid to Israel, (our only ally in that part of the world) because he's an anti-Semite as are all who oppose supporting Israel; so check the mirror.

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