Saturday, May 02, 2009

English Is The Language

I don't care where you're from; and in fact tend to be kind of liberal as it regards the entire immigration issue.

But ya gotta speak English


  1. Well, that certainly went a long way towards dispelling the stereotype that rednecks are closet bigots!

  2. Did you bother to watch the whole thing?

    Apparently not.

    There is virtually no one on either side of the aisle that's more pro-immigration than I am; *and* you know it.

    But ya gotta speak English or the odds of success go right into the toilet.

    I really don't think anyone comes to the U.S. to become a ward of the state, much less to get poor.

    In fact, since I call on a slew of nice people that have come here from all corners of the earth I can testify that hardest workers I know are more often new Americans than not.

    But they speak English and agree with the importance of that.

    How many guys named "Ahmed" do you know Bob?

  3. Ya got me...I couldn't get through the whole thing on the first try! I did now, and boy, she did seem to get angrier as the video went on.

    She also went a bit overboard on the implants. Sheesh, Dolly Parton has damaged more young Southern women than Roofies and drunk driving combined!

    And while I don't know any Ahmeds personally, I do know a few Muhammads. Not too surprisingly, they sell your products.

  4. >>MuhammadsI must know at least 100 of them; seriously.

    It's sort of the same name.

    Muhammad refers to the prophet Muhammad on earth in his mortal form; while Ahmed referes to him in heaven.

    "Muhammad" can be spelled 14 different ways till Sunday by the way.

    Considering that many arrive in the U.S. (especially from Syria) with no English at all, and that they have to learn not only a new alphabet, but to read from left to right - I'm amazed by their command of the language.

    They tend to be an industrious lot as well *and* most of them "get it".


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