Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Visiting America!

I'm spending a few days visiting America
in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

It's been years since anyone in Connecticut has been able to enjoy a cigarette after supper as these hard working fellows are doing.

Little by little, one small notch at a time, those bent on imposing a Totalitarian State are chipping away at the liberty that once was the proud hallmark of America.

Here in Bowling Green however, the owner of a restaurant still actually owns the restaurant and thus they, not someone without any financial investment in the operation, may choose to accommodate smokers and non-smokers, or if they wish, can ban tobacco use altogether.
It remains the owner's call, which is how it should be.

There are those that disagree, and they will, given time, take every natural born freedom we ever had away from us one at a time.

The owner of this individual location has clearly opted to accommodate both, but not the shrill, screaming anti-smoking zealots.
It's interesting to note that Adolf Hitler was an extreme anti-smoking zealot.

Score Card for this location:

Americans 4
Nazis -0-

There's a chain of these all over the place in the south and they have a cup of coffee that's the same high caliber as New England's legendary Dunkin Donuts. Quick service too!

It's logical that Bowling Green is also
home to the only Corvette plant.

That a car designed to exceed the legal speed limit by up to 300 percent is built here where the citizenry so obviously comprehends that liberty doesn't include arbitrarily set laws or regulations that serve only to constrain an otherwise free people, makes total sense.


  1. I love those Waffle Houses. It's fun just to hear the waitress call out your order to the cook - smothered and covered, splattered and scattered, etc.

    Enjoy your vacation - happy trails!

  2. Comrade ACR - I hope you are having a blast - but you have to remember that you still must return to the People's Republic of CT.

    P.S. - Just as smoking places are becoming extinct here in America pubs are also closing down in the UK


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