Thursday, June 18, 2009

O’Rourke Wins Kennedy Driving Award

Connecticut State Representative and Deputy House Speaker James O’Rourke has won the coveted Ted Kennedy Driving Award

In the time honored Kennedy tradition, O'Rourke was able to once again prove that:
Guns don't kill people -
 but riding with a drunken Democratic Legislators will.
and like Kennedy giving a woman the [last] ride of her life can be done with total legal impunity if one simply leaves and doesn't notify anyone until someone else finds the body.

Thrilled upon hearing the news, O'Rourke, aglow with pride, stated he would do everything possible to live up to high driving standards set by Senator Kennedy since July of 1969 when the award began.
To that end, starting tomorrow O'Rourke stated he will head up the new Legislative Car Pool so Connecticut lawmakers can set an example towards energy conservation.

It will be interesting to see who, if anyone is willing to accept a ride from Representative O'Rourke.


  1. MaryJo Kopechne was unavailable for comment.

  2. 'nuff said by Mark.

  3. It was a shame that this woman, Sinisgalli, chose O'Rourkes car to jump into, and similarly that he was a nice enough guy to try to help her. I guess this is why nice guys finish last! It is my understanding that she died near her home but jumped out of the car without ever indicating what house was hers to the driver. I also understand that she was a very troubled woman with a history of drug use and alcoholism. She had recently been charged with multiple DUIs that had not yet played out in the court system. Such a shame when a person never gets the chance to help their addictions. This was a pattern of behavior for this poor woman. I understand that the toxicology report showed she was drunk and high on cocaine at the time so I am not so sure her outcome would have been much different had she driven, but I am sure she wasn't served cocaine at the tavern. I am sure that Carpino exploited this incident to her advantage to spite this poor woman's tragic circumstances, while O'Rourke never once pointed out the mental health of this woman or the circumstances of how her life spiralled and was out of control!


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