Saturday, October 24, 2009

Corey Brinson

This man's candidacy is more important than you might think.

Consider this:

Without the Republican Party, the entire free world is in jeopardy.
To that end the Republican Party needs to recapture what we fought (and in some cases died) for all the way back to our Abolitionist roots.

Corey Brinson is a REAL Republican.
In fact he's probably to my political right on several issues.

Further he's made out of the right stuff and has succeeded without any suburban advantages, like money, or even a dad who he lost at the tender age of 2.

Brinson has despite overwhelming odds, "winner" written all over him and has the track record to prove it.

Quite simply, Corey Brinson represents the finest this nation can produce and while he'll modestly tell you otherwise, he has accomplished much with little save for his unwavering faith in his Creator which gave Corey the inner strength to fight the good fight everyday and lo and behold look at the man he has become!

Brinson is one upright man worthy of anyone's respect, and Brinson is the candidate we must endorse.

Republicans are the oldest Civil Rights organization in the United States and it was THE REPUBLICAN PARTY that fought for and won Women's Suffrage, and make no mistake - the percentage of Republican votes passing the Civil Rights Act far exceeded the party of the KKK

The Democrats have brainwashed generations of minority members and painted the Republican Party to be guilty of exactly what the Democrats *are* guilty of!!!

It's quite incredible, but what's more amazing is that we've tolerated the lies, slurs and smears.

Republicans have let this happen because we haven't shouted down the lies when we should have literally assaulted those that dare to refer to *us* as racists or bigots.

White natural-born WASPy Republicans can not allow anyone to get away with smearing our party or our families proud Abolitionist histories anymore.
I for one have had enough of it.

Without running qualified candidates of color we look ridiculous.
Check out Corey's resume, his resume is longer than he is old.

We simply can not entertain other candidates for this nomination, should they appear they jeopardize the party's reclamation of our proud history, and considering those consequences isn't something any of us want to do.

Any Republican who fails to "get it" should be simply run out of the party. Better yet let's deport `em!

Any Republican who fails to recognize why it's imperative to help & support the Brinson campaign is too dense to deal with and should seek a mental health professional because they must surely be crazy.


  1. I'm with you on Republican roots. It's crazy that the Republican party is turning out to be a pure reflection of the reactionary South. This process must be rolled back.


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