Wednesday, October 21, 2009

State Representative John Frey

I wish all 151 members of the Connecticut Assembly had even half the common sense, wits, sense of duty and class as State Rep. John Frey. A few do; most don't.

The voters in the 111th district evidently agree: In 2008, he received nearly 3,000 more votes than his opponent and garnered the most votes of any contested House candidates.

Thursday October 22nd, Frey will receive the coveted Fred Biebel Award.
Representative Frey has earned it the old fashioned way - he works for his constituents in the 111th district, and the Republican Party (in that order) tirelessly.
I follow Frey on Twitter @johnfrey and can attest that the man doesn't sit at home, quite the contrary he shows up all over and unless it's literally impossible, NEVER misses any sort of youth award events (IE: Eagle Scout ceremonies) as he recognizes the importance of encouraging and promoting our young people.

To that end; Frey has requested that young Republicans (any Republican under 30) be admitted at the reduced rate of only $50

It's not too late to reserve a seat!

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