Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Stop the Feathering

Tired of watching trusted elected officials
feathering their own nests at our expense?

Elect Eagles

Here's a couple of Eagles I know of running for office right now:

You'll want to support both;
Bernier & Baker

Justin Bernier for Congress

Justin's running in Connecticut's 5th district.
Proven Service to the Country and Connecticut
An intelligence officer in the Navy reserve, Justin served a tour in Afghanistan in 2007. He was awarded the Joint Service Commendation Medal for his service. After he returned to Connecticut, Governor M. Jodi Rell named Justin as Executive Director of the Office of Military Affairs. The state legislature unanimously confirmed him in early 2008.

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Bryan Baker for Alderman
(City of Waterbury, CT)

"The most important thing is making sure that Waterbury has the best future possible."

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To almost no ones surprise, many votes from a local Board of Aldermen, up to Congress are unanimous or nearly so.
That's because most issues tend to not be left or right, but simply right or wrong.

We're all trying to get to Utopia!
Further, even most of our political opponents want the best for their town, state and nation; we disagree on the route we'll take to get there - not the actual destination.

Honest people agree more often than those with their own agenda, or who have some personal motive which occasionally includes their own self-gain. Those who have slithered into public office seeking to feather their own nests so to speak.

Imagine a government, any government local, state or federal, filled with drop-dead straight office holders.
A fantasy we'll grant you; but how else could we collectively steer our votes towards those individuals who we could logically expect to hold themselves and others to a higher standard?

When possible, elect those who have proven records of altruistic accomplishment; and never ever miss a chance to vote for an Eagle.

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