Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What could go wrong?



  2. So far I don't see any true conservative running for Governor Democrat or Republican. I wish there were a clone of Governor Chris Christie on the ballot. A conservative that is not afraid to take on the State Employee Union and the CEA.

    The state needs to cut the pension and benefit packages of retirees and transfer current state employees into self directed 401K's. The current pension system needs to be phased out within 5 years.

    Current state employees salary and benefits need to be on par with positions in the private sector. We need a governor willing to do that by executive order.

    The State Liquor Control Board need to take over the entire liquor distribution system and model if after the system used in New Hampshire. The state is the benefactor of that system and helps lower taxes. I realize it will squeeze every mom and pop store out of business, but these are hard economic times, and the state needs that revenue. The proceeds should be used to lower taxes and not expand existing programs. The system of State Liquor Stores works well in New Hampshire, why not Connecticut. Liquor prices are lower and New Hampshire I believe has Sunday sales.

    Many state agencies and services need to be privatized like the DMV. It works well in other states. Why not Connecticut. We need to contract state services like building maintenance and transportation. Why does the state provide transportation services on the UConn campus and Health Center when it could be contracted out to private companies at a reduced cost.

    I don't see any candidate touching these issues. They are all 3rd rails and I commend Governor Christie for doing so.

    The Democrats will retain control of the House and Senate this fall because the Republican State Central Committee will see to that. They are not putting any money into promoting candidates that will oppose the strong Democratic Leaders like Looney, Williams, Lawlor, Merrill, DeFonzo, or Gaffey. As long as these people remain in the legislature, the citizens will see increased taxes to retain or expand the level of government in the state. These people need to be put out of office.

    I'm waiting for a candidate that will address these vital issues. To date no one has.


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