Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Ratify the Myth

For over 50 years the Democrats have tried to convince America that the Republican Party is the party of the rich, and pretty much no one else.

What's worse is that in some areas they've succeeded in promoting that myth.

So why are some Republicans even entertaining the thought of running people that will ratify that myth?

Some have received substantial donations to their local town committees, for others it's unclear, but mostly it's insanity!

Only 7 percent of those candidates
that funded 60% or more of their own campaigns win.


  1. The ACR really confuses me as to your motivations. You oppose both Linda McMahon and Tom Foley, and quite obviously attack them both in this piece, while you support the LG and Rob Simmons. Idealogically Rob and the LG are very far apart, as Rob is left of center at best and the LG (at least from what I can tell) is a principaled conservative.

    Do policy posistions and values not matter to the ACR? Does the ACR really just have a deeply held hatred of the wealthy? If so it would seem to me that the ACR perhaps is actually an authentic connecticut liberal. I mean, this is America, the country where we should not demean people for their success. Certainly the ACR doesn't believe that there should be laws restricting how someone can spend their money. Would you support those laws and always expect the financial burden of political campaigns to be on the tax payer?

    If so, that is certainly the most bizarre contradiction of conservative principals that I have ever seen.

  2. >>Do policy positions and values not matter to the ACR?

    Clearly yes.

    Linda McMahon's history is more than disturbing.

    Tom Foley's a fine man who offers the GOP, a minority party, nothing insofar as advancing the base of the party.

    Quite the contrary, Foley fills false stereotype the left has presented of the Republican Party a full 100%


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