Friday, June 18, 2010

Mike Fedele - Immigrant Boy Makes Good

My friend Angelo Fusco called me in 1992 and told me;
"I want you to help my friend Mikey get elected, you'll like him."
Angelo never lied to me, and sure enough I did like Mike Fedele, and after 18 years I still do. I was becoming a bit of a political mechanic at the time, and made some rather experimental bumper stickers for Fedele, which hopefully he no longer remembers.

Mike Fedele is the personification of what's right about the United States of America, and is the literal ratification of the work of our nation's Founders.
You bet that's a strong statement - because it's true!

Who do you want running things anyway? Some self-serving political hack on a power trip, or someone who started a business from scratch, has employed 100's and got pushed into politics due to an honest, "I guess I'll have to try and fix it myself" attitude?


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