Monday, June 14, 2010

Fedele will Veto

Our state is at a crossroads.

Democrat super-majorities in the legislature have left us mired in debt, with near record unemployment and the threat of new taxes ever present.  This election  is our chance to take a stand against the tax and spend policies that have seen our economy stagnate in recession  and employers flee our state in favor of greener, more business friendly pastures. 

This is why I pledge to you the following:

 As your Governor I will veto ANY legislation that proposes to raise our taxes.

But in order to take my message of fiscal accountability to voters across the state, we must first qualify for the Citizens Election Program.  Will you help me reach that goal with a one-time contribution of $25, $50 or $100?

Legislative Democrats have been clear, they refuse to make the systematic changes to the state budget necessary to get our economy back on track.  They would rather spend, tax and borrow, to appease their special interest friends, than make the difficult choices necessary to grow our economy and create new jobs. 

We need a Republican Governor with the character and courage to stand up to the Democrats and their special interest buddies, and I am prepared to be that Governor. This is why I have authored a comprehensive plan to revitalize our economy and lead a state government that is affordable, sustainable and accountable to the those that pay the bills - you the taxpayer.



  1. the ACR wants a fiscally conservative Governor but will only support a candidate with no ability to beat Ned Lamont in November. Fedele's pledge to veto tax increases is baseless because he does not have a comprehensive plan to close the expected budget gap.

  2. Actually as I posted in April: Mike Fedele Has a Plan

    The entire plan is located on his website or click here.

  3. Your link is his Jobs Plan. Where is his plan to balance the state budget?

  4. >>....Jobs Plan. Where is his plan to balance the state budget?

    That is is the plan.
    Think about it; do we really want to be looking for other sources of revenue?

    Naturally Mike isn't expecting much union support as he's repeatedly on the record favoring reductions in the scope and size of state government as well.

  5. Fedele has no credibility with me. He has been sitting there for years while both parties have borrowed to balance the books. If it was such a crisis, he should have spoken out.

  6. NO Lt. Governor in America would take on their own Governor, not one of them.

    Repeat, none, zero, zilch.

    Name one.


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