Saturday, June 05, 2010

Tom Foley wants to have it both ways

Republican candidate for Governor Tom Foley, a former corporate raider, seems to want it both ways; or since he can afford it, maybe five ways as seen in this photo.

This week Foley claims:
"My business experience has taught me how to deal with banks and rating agencies. I am the only candidate for governor who can get Connecticut's rating back to where it belongs."

But last month in this Hartford Courant article Foley said he is "not really a finance person by background" and instead has specialized in managing companies he buys and improving their performance.

 Sounds to me like his next business acquisition should be these folks:


  1. I'll have a number 7 smothered and covered and splattered and scattered! Love those Waffle Houses. :)

    Can't say I was too impressed with either candidates' interviews yesterday. The first guy who starts saying the things Chris Christie is saying will win in a landslide.

  2. Tom Foley has too much baggage to be Governor. In his concession speech on Nov. 2nd, he should say "I really shoulda disclosed those two arrests up front, rather than waiting for them to be un-covered by an investigative reporter." There's more, but that is sufficient.

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