Thursday, January 06, 2011

WTNH tanks

New Haven based ABC affiliate WTNH, apparently hell-bent to tank their own ratings continues a practice started a few years ago; dump popular on-air personalities. 

This time it's witty weatherman Geoff Fox whose contract will expire at the end of February and won't be renewed.

From his blog, "My Permanent Record"

After 26 years at 8 Elm Street I’m not being invited back at the end of my current contract. I got the word at 4:00 PM Wednesday. I’m done at the end of February.

The station's actions are in keeping with taking Ann Nyberg off the 11pm news  and you might recall when they had a more authentic sports caster as well, Bob Picozzi.


  1. i prefer sonia baghdaddy over ann nyberg
    i realize sonia is younger and more attractive but she also interacts very well with her co- workers especially darrin kramer they have great chemistry together.not that anyone cares what i think I just wanted to throw that out there

  2. Wow! That sucks! Geoff is the best thing at that station and has been for years!
    I've lived in Atlanta for over 20 years and when I was visiting last summer I thought, wow Geoff's still with TNH. Why can't we have good people like that in Atlanta?

    Geoff, please come to Atlanta? Please? Best wishes!

    ~A Yankee trapped in the South


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