Monday, May 02, 2011

Bin Laden Assigned To The Hitler Wing In Hell

I must report it's very warm here in Hell.
Who's Next?


  1. I don't agree on Assange, unless you also include Scooter Libby for revealing the name of a CIA undercover agent and for Dick Cheney for obviously authorizing the move. You shoot both of those traitors, and I'll grudgingly let you toast that wacky Aussie. Even though the Aussie isn't legally held to American laws of treason. But why would you know that?

  2. The "agent" in question with Libby was not undercover.

    Of course the Aussie isn't up for treason nor was Bin Laden.

    I went to 4 high schools in 4 years thanks to my father's cover being blown - Assange should be hit.


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