Sunday, May 08, 2011

Help us take the Connecticut Republican Party back!

Should we prevail and return the party to it's rightful owners (registered Republicans) no one will need to spend a day downloading data to find this stuff.

We'll put it all online on the site.
Payroll and staff expenses should be there too.
We've allowed poor stewardship of our donors dollars, and it has to stop.
It's no wonder our base is disengaged.
The state party should answer to, and behave like our Town Committees.

Our Town Committees work, they win more often than they lose (we control over half the
municipal governments in CT right now) and not one of them would put up with what 
you'll see below.

Obviously the party by-laws need looking at; the office of Chair simply has too much 
autonomous authority without seeking so much as an "Okay that sounds good" from the
committee itself. 
In fact we should insist on some changes regardless of who takes the chair, if I do we'll
move quickly to do so,  just in case I drop dead or something.

You can decide for yourselves what expenditures were unnecessary; but of the 271K 
you'll see here I'd bet you'll agree that at least 150K of it was a waste.

Expenditures of a Dubious Value.

Why only 9% of Connecticut Republican Party money is spent directly on candidates.
Barker Specialty Co. Inc.CheshireCT20100603$710.222010 Convention Lanyards-Hats
Barker Specialty has a had a link on the CT Democratic website in the past, and are Democrats.
Why would we give them our business?
Campaign SolutionsAlexandriaVA20100205$112.55Service Fee
Campaign SolutionsAlexandriaVA20100222$2,360.11Web Maintenance-PARTY Fundraising
Campaign SolutionsAlexandriaVA20100305$52.90Service fee
Campaign SolutionsAlexandriaVA20100402$97.94Service Fee
Campaign SolutionsAlexandriaVA20100420$225.00Web Maintenance-PARTY Fundraising
Campaign SolutionsAlexandriaVA20100429$918.96Web Maintenance-PARTY Fundraising
Campaign SolutionsAlexandriaVA20100507$668.77Service Fee-PARTY Fundraising
Campaign SolutionsAlexandriaVA20100604$1,497.15Service Fee
Campaign SolutionsAlexandriaVA20100614$648.00Website Maintenance
Campaign SolutionsAlexandriaVA20100702$231.77Service Fee
Campaign SolutionsAlexandriaVA20100715$525.00Website Maintenance
Campaign SolutionsAlexandriaVA20100720$46.14Service Fee
Campaign SolutionsAlexandriaVA20100806$256.75Service Fee
Campaign SolutionsAlexandriaVA20100809$375.00Website Maintenance
Campaign SolutionsAlexandriaVA20100907$208.54Service Fee
Campaign SolutionsAlexandriaVA20100913$54.03Website-Domain Name
Campaign SolutionsAlexandriaVA20101013$438.19Service Fee
Campaign SolutionsAlexandriaVA20101018$1,164.66Service Fee
Campaign SolutionsAlexandriaVA20101021$750.00Web Maintenance
Campaign SolutionsAlexandriaVA20101105$499.32Service Fee
Campaign SolutionsAlexandriaVA20101108$1,500.00Web Maintenance
Campaign SolutionsAlexandriaVA20101208$28.82Service Fee
Twelve thousand dollars for an out of state web service?Total:$12,659.60
We could easily have someone on staff part time to do that and more.
CD Inc.AlexandriaVA20101028$50,000.00Generic GOTV Web Ad
CD Inc.AlexandriaVA20101102$15,000.00Generic GOTV Web Ad
Sixty - Five thousand for a WEB AD?Total:$65,000.00
Direct Mail SystemsClearwaterFL20100113$2,576.28Direct Mail-PARTY Fundraising
Direct Mail SystemsClearwaterFL20100222$4,604.10Direct Mail-PARTY Fundraising
Direct Mail SystemsClearwaterFL20100329$876.15Postage-PARTY Fundraising
Direct Mail SystemsClearwaterFL20100415$1,880.00Postage-PARTY Fundraising
Direct Mail SystemsClearwaterFL20100429$8,434.11Direct Mail-PARTY Fundraising
Direct Mail SystemsClearwaterFL20100603$6,191.99Direct Mail-PARTY Fundraising
Direct Mail SystemsClearwaterFL20100617$775.50Direct Mail-PARTY Fundraising
Direct Mail SystemsClearwaterFL20100726$2,292.55Direct Mail-PARTY Fundraising
Direct Mail SystemsClearwaterFL20100907$595.00Direct Mail-PARTY Fundraising
Direct Mail SystemsClearwaterFL20100920$210.00Postage-PARTY Fundraising
Direct Mail SystemsClearwaterFL20101008$379.50Postage-PARTY Fundraising
There's plenty of Republican Mailing operations in Connecticut.Total:$28,815.18
FLS Connect LLCSaint PaulMN20100222$4,802.00Telemarketing-PARTY Fundraising
FLS Connect LLCSaint PaulMN20100527$550.00Telemarketing-PARTY Fundraising
FLS Connect LLCSaint PaulMN20100603$11,060.48Telemarketing-PARTY Fundraising
FLS Connect LLCSaint PaulMN20100715$7,625.00Telemarketing-PARTY Fundraising
FLS Connect LLCSaint PaulMN20100820$3,951.95Telemarketing-PARTY Fundraising
FLS Connect LLCSaint PaulMN20100922$2,189.00Telemarketing-PARTY Fundraising
FLS Connect LLCSaint PaulMN20100930$2,272.00Telemarketing-PARTY Fundraising
FLS Connect LLCSaint PaulMN20101015$4,978.00Telemarketing-PARTY Fundraising
FLS Connect LLCSaint PaulMN20101019$230.90Printing-Generic Mapbooks
FLS Connect LLCSaint PaulMN20101021$1,700.00Telemarketing-PARTY Vol.Recruitment
FLS Connect LLCSaint PaulMN20101026$300.35Telemarketing-PARTY Vol.Recruitment
FLS Connect LLCSaint PaulMN20101028$4,716.80GOTV CALLS-INKIND
FLS Connect LLCSaint PaulMN20101028$4,146.24GOTV CALLS-INKIND
FLS Connect LLCSaint PaulMN20101029$223.40Printing-Generic Mapbooks
FLS Connect LLCSaint PaulMN20101101$1,103.21Generic GOTV Calls
FLS Connect LLCSaint PaulMN20101101$21,550.80Generic GOTV Calls
FLS Connect LLCSaint PaulMN20101101$40,256.40Generic GOTV Calls
FLS Connect LLCSaint PaulMN20101108$130.64GOTV CALLS-INKIND
FLS Connect LLCSaint PaulMN20101108$192.03GOTV CALLS-INKIND
FLS Connect LLCSaint PaulMN20101110$1,653.00Telemarketing-PARTY Fundraising
Consider the number of volunteers we had phoning last fall plus our multiple staffed offices.Total:$113,632.20
Grassroots TargetingAlexandriaVA20100913$21,000.00Microtargeting-Generic
Grassroots TargetingAlexandriaVA20100930$21,000.00Microtargeting-Generic
Whatever "Microtargeting" is - it didn't work did it? Total:$42,000.00
SMARTechChattanoogaTN20100817$1,465.93Telephone-Polling-Non Allocable
SMARTechChattanoogaTN20100826$859.43Telephone-Polling-Non Allocable
SMARTechChattanoogaTN20101012$899.85Telephone Polling-Non Allocable
Out of state vendor retained despite massive number of volunteers and paid staff on hand.Total:$3,225.21
Expenditures of dubious value total: $266,042.41


  1. Doug,

    If you have question or concerns, then either talk to the Chairman or bring it up at a SCC meeting. Posting this on your blog is wrong and you should know better.

  2. Really Bill?

    Considering the language you've exercised in repeated emails in some cases to women?

    The truth is Bill as an officer of the committee it appears to many of us that "dereliction of duty" might fit.

    Further - all the data was taken from the Federal Election Commission website.
    Are you Mr. Jenkins, implying the data is incorrect?

  3. The information is correct its all online for anyone to see.

    Mr Jenkins I don't think you have any standing on judging what is right and wrong. You give the party a very bad name.

  4. All of that money for Web maintenance and 21 RTC chair emails that sill bounce, I emailed the list to you Mr Jenkins and the "Local Victory Office" 404 not found to name only 2 issues after the leadership spending all of that money on a Website.

    The way the party's resources have been managed is embarrassing. This is donated money given in good faith. Its just shameful and no amount of foul language can hide it.

  5. In another state, I helped defeat an incumbent State GOP Chair and lead his transition team before serving under the new Chair in what is a presidential swing state.

    The Connecticut GOP is obviously in big trouble, but nit-picking at the FEC report is counter-productive.

    First, because it is best practices to use industry leading vendors like FLS and to do Micro-Targeting which uses a hybrid of polling and consumer data research matched to your voter file to provide targeting as to which voters are more likely to be motivated by which messages. When used properly it is incredibly powerful. In fact, it is the reason, as credited by Karl Rove, that George W. Bush won Ohio in 2004 and we did not have 4 or 8 years of John Kerry.

    Second, the problems with CTGOP are much deeper than a couple of FEC report entries. The problem is in its very structure and make up. As noted by Patrick Jefferson on another blog the policy and the leadership of the CTGOP are dictated by just 72 members of the State Central Committee. These members are elected individually in a convention by delegates that are elected by members of the local Town Committee who are, in theory, elected by enrolled Republicans of the individual town. But that is where the problem starts because those local Republican voters are limited to a set number of people they can vote for because the membership of the committee is capped by the rules. Furthermore, the voter is given a choice between an "endorsed slate" (by the insiders) of Republicans and people they don't know in what is already a low turn-out election. The outcome is easy to predict - the insiders win.

    So from top to bottom the structure and rules of the CTGOP are designed to choke off disent, new ideas, and new people.

    There is no real pressure to change and the by-laws provide no way for the grassroots to make their voices heard. That is the reason we keep losing and until the party becomeses less closed and controlled and lets in the grassroots who do most of the work already we will be destined to perpetual minority status.

  6. There's no way for me to know if "Anonymous" has seen me as I've spoken in front of one of the 40+ Town Committees I've met with so far; but his or her points are exactly those I've made the cornerstone of my presentation.

  7. Connecticut isn't the Constitution State for nothing. The roots of the Republican Party and American conservatism are embodied by that document as the best guidance for a representative government. It is there to ensure the people are the government and not parties, parties exist to serve the interests of their members and the RNC has gone adrift. We are not about the Tea Party, Neo-con, nor even the contract with America. We are about freedom, liberty, and duty to our nation.


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