Friday, June 10, 2011

Inner City Outreach

After losing big time in the cities last year, many Republicans are suddenly interested in increasing our minority and inner city efforts.

Where have you been?
Corey Brinson speaks to a thrilled ACR (Doug Hageman)

"Doug will help us compete in the cities.  

Not because it is vogue after our 2010 losses;  rather, because Doug already was doing it before anyone was ever talking about an urban agenda."

- Corey Brinson


I am pleased to support Doug Hageman for State Party Chairman.

It is always difficult to endorse someone for such an esteemed position, but having known Doug Hageman for the last two years that decision was easy for me.   There are many reasons why I trust Doug to lead our Party into the future.
The most important reason is that Doug has no ego.  He wants to lead out party into the future
with the best candidates, ideas, and strategies no matter who gets the credit.  Doug will put Party before self and that is the type of leader we need in the 21st Century.

In addition, Doug will help us compete in the cities.
Not because it is vogue after our 2010 losses; rather, because Doug already was doing it before anyone was ever talking about an urban agenda. 
Doug was to our 2010 political crisis what Peter Schiff was to our 2009 national economic crisis.

Doug was with my campaign for Secretary of the State from day one.
He didn’t know me.
He attended my campaign kickoff out of a sense of loyalty to the Party.
He told anyone who would listen about my candidacy and what it would mean to our Party.
As a longtime Republican, Doug understands our Party’s history; he also knows where our Party needs to be in the future.

As chairman, Doug will fight tirelessly to ensure that we win in the cities—evident by his recent appearance at my campaign kickoff for Hartford City Council.

Above all, what I am most impressed about Doug Hageman is his enthusiasm.  
A speaker with enthusiasm is more persuasive than the most eloquent speaker without it.  Doug is passionate about our Party, what it stands for and what it can be.  That is an important quality that our next leader must possess.
This will translate at rallies, media, and with voters one on one.

Now I know that there are those who will find criticism with Doug.  However, in sports no quarterback has ever won a Super Bowl without a good front line; no golfer has ever won a major without a smart caddy; no five point guards have ever won a NBA championship without a center, and, in politics, no Chairman can win it alone.  I know that if we work as a team we can begin to win again, to build again, to hope again, to dream again and to believe again.  I know that with Doug Hageman as our next leader we can have better days in Connecticut, a better Republican Party, and more freedoms to pursue our dreams.

So I endorse Doug Hageman for State Party Chairman. 

Corey Brinson

 Corey J. Brinson, Esquire
 Hartford City Council
 State Central Member
 Hartford Republican Town Committee
 2010 Candidate for Secretary of the State

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