Wednesday, June 15, 2011

ACR - Why I Supported Bill Aniskovich

A message from Doug Hageman 

After visiting dozens of Town Committees throughout Connecticut, my supporters had knit together a plan to re-engage and re-energize our Republican base.

On Monday the 13th I spent a few hours with Bill Aniskovich and a mutual friend reviewing the entire plan.  

When Aniskovich agreed with everything right down to the brass-tacks and promised to implement the entire program, I saw no reason to remain as a candidate for party chair.

His sudden withdrawal from the field leaves the program orphaned and none of the other current or past entrants have offered anything comparable what-so-ever.

Here's the facts:
Our Town Committees are doing their job - Republicans currently control about 100 cities and towns.

Clearly the "problem" is at the state level, and according to virtually every local RTC chair it's because state central doesn't listen nor behave as any sort of data clearinghouse or partner.

My team will meet tomorrow and a decision as to whether we re-enter the race or not will be forthcoming before Saturday.
This has never been about me - should someone enter who's willing to implement the plan designed by town committees and the team, we'll back that person.


-Doug Hageman


It's been a pleasure and an honor to stand as a candidate for chairman of the Connecticut Republican Party. 

I have enjoyed the opportunity to visit town committees throughout the state, and  have been delighted by the response to my message.
Bill Aniskovich

My goal has been to use the energy and initiative of local party activists to rejuvenate the state organization. 

Conversations with Bill Aniskovich have convinced me that he shares that vision, and I am offering him my support in the race for chairman. 

Let's all look forward to working with Bill to create a strong, reliable, and victorious state party, and I hope you will join us in that effort.

Doug Hageman

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  1. As Republicans, once we elect a new State Party Chairman, we need to unite behind our new leader and work to rebuild the Party so that we can win elections in 2012. I urge all to look forward and keep our goals in mind as we move closer to the next election. We can win as Republicans if we stay on message, remain principled, and get out the vote.


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