Thursday, June 23, 2011


The Connecticut Republican Party has the tradition of allowing the senior elected public office holder to appoint a chairman of their liking.  (State Central members still have to elect the individual, but there's never been a case where they have collectively challenged the Governor.)

This is isn't unusual as most if not all other states do the same thing and when the President is Republican they exercise the same privilege as it regards the Republican National Committee Chair.

However; this well accepted tradition creates a problem in that the party chair's loyalties naturally are to; whoever appointed them, not to the committee that elected them, and much-less to our local town committees.

Further, the office of the chair has virtually unrestrained authority leaving the 72 members of state central only hoping they might be able to convince the chair or his or her staff to fulfil whatever task they might need so as to serve their own constituencies, their respective RTC's (Republican Town Committees)

It's no wonder most rank and file members of the party consider State Central little but a glorified Dinner Club and with such a non-responsive design it's obvious our town committees have delivered one municipal election after another on their own - while the state party has never been in such sorry straits.

After visiting over 40 RTC's, (depending on who one might speak to) we found that the state party offers little help and then on case by case, the position of the moon, and apparently depending also on which months have an "R" in them.
Others however, virtually gushed with glowing reports of service beyond anyone's wildest dreams.
That dichotomy is reason for concern. SERIOUS concern.

It is therefore time, and this might be the last chance for another few decades, to make some minor changes in the bylaws of the Connecticut Republican Party so as to make it more responsive to the base.

Such a task will require someone with enough confidence in their own leadership abilities to be willing to weaken the very office they have won.

Jerry Labriola is such a man.

Jerry's been active in the party since his late teens in the 1970's
He knows where the bodies are buried (and who buried them too!)

Labriola's familiarity with the entire state and each of our 169 cities and towns is consummate as is his knowledge of virtually all things Republican.
Labriola has pledged to allow, (if not force) the members of State Central to be more responsive to the Republicans in their own districts as well as statewide.

If Connecticut Republicans wish to reverse their fortunes of late, there is but one clear choice next Tuesday - Jerry Labriola.

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