Wednesday, August 31, 2011

AT&T Drops Ball and Calls!

Christine Stuart AKA
Connecticut News Junkie
Connecticut News Junkie has an interesting piece up regarding the disparity between cell providers during and after emergency situations as we in Connecticut have just (and some still are) gone through.

Author Lon Seidman confirms what I learned the hard way after spending 12+ years with the folks that after multiple mergers and name changes became AT&T Wireless - they stink.

Seidman points out:
In small shoreline communities averse to unsightly cell towers, carriers often share the same space. AT&T’s largest competitor in Connecticut, Verizon Wireless, was functioning in the affected areas and throughout most of the state using many of the same towers.

How can that be? You might ask. 


Verizon is a more responsible company and has approximately 300  generators already in place in CT alone at their tower locations set to automatically protect their coverage.

The photo to the right illustrates what Katrina taught Verizon.

Considering that in 2010 there were already 25% of American households without telephone land lines and that percentage is growing; Verizon's actions are those of a firm that recognizes the importance of delivering their product and especially during times of calamity. 
Just say "NO" to AT&T

Thus, even if you're fastidious regarding your cell phone and have equipped yourself with all sorts of emergency backup plans as seen here, it won't matter a bit if your carrier isn't up to the job.

Hey AT&T - Can you hear me now?
My Verizon bias is a matter of record; from their own site:  In Our Customers' Own Words

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