Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Connecticut Republicans need to get our Good Luck Back!

Every Connecticut Republican is aware that our state
has never been as blue as it is right now.

There are loads of reasons, some of which have been discussed on the site before and not the least of which would include wild spending by the party's previous administration. (Fear not, those of you familiar with the site already know that should anything like we saw over the past 4 years occur again 1 it'll be posted here as soon as possible when I call for the heads of those involved.)

Thankfully - There's a new Sheriff in town!
Connecticut Republican Chairman
(no funny spending)
Jerry (The Sheriff) Labriola

...and he's brought his Posse too!
Yes folks, it's safe to donate 
and support the CTGOP again.

Next month Jerry's getting some help from:
Joe Visconti & Marianne Clark
                                                 as they present..

Good Luck Back!
An event benefiting the Connecticut GOP!

Featuring The Johnny Bass Band with
Chairman Sheriff Jerry Labriola, Jr. on the keyboards

Friday September 23rd
65 Nod Road, Avon

See you there!

1(ie:Like one red cent of  your donated money spent out of state without a damn good reason....and no I can't think of one either.)

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